The data are going Cloud, R U ready?

Global financials change to react against war, a never ending pandemic, all is against your static vision of data collection.

Lack of materials has driven the hardware price to the top, so many company are thinking to migrate their DWH to the clouds. To realize this you car read this old but good 2020 assement:

Are you still thinking to maintain data ingestion and modelling without considering the various full cloud managed solutions?

Redshift select performance tuning: quick and dirty

Ok, it depends by your AWS cost attitude, but even in huge Redshift cluster you may experiment bad speed feelings in simply SQL interrogation. What are reactions? In order of deployment speed.

Are you using a jdbc/odbc  client sited outside VPC? Network is troubling you, install one inside VPC using EC2 if needed.

Are queries spending too much time in planning? Use views.

Check columns compression, is AUTO tuning on? If not AUTOs it.

Then there are a lot of thinking about sort keys, distribution keys and so on…so no more quick and dirty…